Responsible Gambling

Betting/gambling should be fun and here at BetBatch we enjoy giving you the best possible overview of all the many options of betting out there.


BUT for some, this at first bit of fun can change into an addiction. Remember to only bet/gamble with money you can afford to lose. Don’t use the money that otherwise should have been used for general amenities such as food, rent, bills, etc.  

Below we have made a list of some of the signs that betting/gambling has become an addiction:


1.    Lying about it
A person with a gambling problem will often lie to the people around them, regarding gambling.

2.    Just the next win
Telling people around them they will cover the earlier losses with the next big win, lost because the change strategy or after covering the losses with the big win they will stop.

3.    Can I borrow?
When a gambler hit bottom, they might start asking family, friends, coworkers and maybe even strangers to borrow the money. Possible they also max out credit cards or take out a second mortgage, all this without evaluation the risk of these actions.  

4.    More, more, more
Gamblers with a problem will mostly up their betting. First, a small amount is enough, but suddenly the amounts need to be bigger and riskier. The sad part is that the more they bet, the more they can lose.  

5.    Obsessed with gambling
A small reason to gamble is good enough, and everything can be gambled on. Again, they will do everything to get the funds needed to gamble.  

6.    Can’t stop
Gamblers often try to stop (more than once) by never follow through, always ending up making “one last bet”  

7.    But I need to
A person with and addiction often play out of a need to get the rush of playing. They often experience a “psychological withdrawal symptoms”, and can become irritable, impatient, tense or agitated if they do not get to gamble.  

8.    Play to forget
The need to play to forget problems, reduce stress and in general distract themselves.

9.    The most important thing in the world
Everything about the person’s life revolves around and is affected by the need to gamble. Nothing is more important, and the person goes to great lengths to gamble.

Below some links that can help with an addiction.

If you need anything else or link to helpline of your country, please don’t hesitate to contact us –


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