The new BetBatch in an overview

BetBatch is being relaunched with a clear vision: To be the go-to-website before placing a bet. As we want to share our thoughts and progress on the development, we find it important to show you the exact goal of this journey.

To make good decisions when placing bets, the opinions of reliable sources definitely should have a certain weight. However, BetBatch should include much more than just betting tips. When you place a bet on a football match, you need information about the teams, statistics, odds movements and social media trends. Why not get all of this information in one place, rather than switching between different websites or apps to get the big picture?

BetBatch is aiming to offer exactly that – and it should be free! In a nutshell, BetBatch should be your Google when researching, before you place a bet.

Where is BetBatch now?

While BetBatch is now again in a stable state, it is safe to say that the platform needs improvements. Yes, you can find betting tips from various sources in different languages – but is it enough? Nah… Not if you ask us!

Currently, we are working on switching the API from which we obtain match and odds information. Previously, we were getting all of this information from the Betfair Exchange API. The truth is – this was never really reliable. With the new API, we will be able to get even more information (including livescore). It will also enable us to evaluate match results and build up a statistical foundation!

Furthermore, and also important to know. The clear goal is to focus on the mobile application (currently only available on Android, here). The website will transition into a lite version, and will not be our highest priority. A simple reason for this: the way people place bets is and has been transitioning towards mobile devices the previous years.

We would love to hear you opinion on the matter! What information do you see as most important when placing a bet?

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