Goals from both or not?

Sometimes it can be hard to predict the correct score or the total goals in a game, so here are some other ways to bet, without having to get those correct, simply focus on the goal-scoring.

Both teams to score

Straight forward – does both teams in the match? Yes or no. Bet done.

Or not quite. You will have more than just these options to choose from at most bookmakers. This betting market often also include bets such as “Both teams to score & home team to win” or “both teams to not score & away win” as examples.  

When you look for these bets, as always it is important to do your research on how the teams have been performing recently. Have they made a lot of goals? How is there defense looking, letting in many goals or not?

Goalkeeper keeping goal-scoring on a low.
Will the goal-scoring be on a low?

To Nil

You might already have set your sight on a winner in the match and with this bet, you can often enhance your pay-out if you can predict if the team can win to null or not.

First, you will need to decide on which team you predict will win the game, when you have done that you have two options as add on, which need to be chosen. Will, the team your predict take home the victory, do it without letting goals in or not and will the goal scoring from the other team be absent?

Your bets can look like this:

Home win to nil
Away win to nil
Home win to nil – NO
Away win to nil – NO

Start handicap

Also, called European Handicap, not to be confused with Asian Handicap.

Decide which team you want to give a head start in the match. Imagine the game start with the score you have set. Maybe you go for Start Handicap 0-1, which will mean the away team starts the match up with one goal.

For the home team to win (on your betting slip), they will then need to win with a two goals advantage over the away team. On the other hand, the away team can handle a draw and still be the winning team on your slip.

You can also put your money down for a draw. For example, you put the home team with a start handicap of 0-2 and bet draws. This means you think the home team will win with exactly two goals.

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