Betting on Goals

A goal is an important part of any football game, with the goals deciding the winner, losers, which team moving to the next round and so on. Let us give you a short guide on some of the most common betting involving goals and how to use them.


Choose if you think the game has over or under a certain amount of goals.

Think about if the game is going to be one with many goals? Then you should consider everything “Over 3.5 goals”. If you think it could end without too many goals, consider everything “Under 3.5 goals.”

Correct score

This is a simple one, though it has many options to bet on. Find the game you want to bet on and try to have the correct score when the referee blows the final whistle. The first thing to remember is, that the first number is the home team and the second number is the away team. The second thing to remember is that this bet close at 90 minutes (+ extra time). If it is a game going into extra time with two times 15 min, these do not count.


Bet Meaning
3-1 Home team win 3-1
2-4 Away team win 2-4
1-1 Draw at 1-1

Team goals

This one works the same way as the Over/Under market, except you here must choose which team you think will score over or under a certain amount of goals.

With this bet, you will be betting on the number of goals made by just one of the teams and not the total of the game.


Bet Meaning
Home Team over 2.5 goals The home team will score over 3 goals or more
Away Team under3.5 goals Away team will score under 4 goals

With this bet, you will be betting on the number of goals made by just one of the teams and not the total of the game.

Total Goals

Remember the Over/Under market with its .5 numbers? Forget that when you bet on total goals. How many goals do you think the game you are betting on will get? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. You will need to get it spot-on, so make sure to do your research before making this bet.

Keeper defending the goal
Keeper defending the goal

First goal

Yet another very simple one, but even though still not easy to predict!

Which team gets the first goal in the game – that is what you need to predict. If it is two evenly matched teams you will see that odds on the first goal is also equal, if the game has a big favorite to win, they will have the lowest odds for the first goal also.

It is also possible to bet on when the first goal will be scored. Maybe you think it will be before the 25th minute of the game? You think it will be a thriller with a late goal and going for the first goal after the 85th minute. There are many ways of playing this bet, make sure to have a look at what all our tipsters say!

Goal on Penalty

Will, any of the teams in the match score on a penalty? If you think so, chose the team you think it will be and your bet is on. Then lean back and wait for the penalty to appear. It does not matter if the opposite team of the one you choose, score on a penalty before your team of choice. It is simple, your team must score on a penalty within the original playing time.

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