William Hill

Some of the best odds and greatest betting experiences!

William Hill’s name needs no introduction. Even people that don’t have a clue about sports betting have heard of this bookie’s name. Since you’re reading this article, it means that you’re interested in learning more about what William Hill has to offer to the bettors. Well, you’ve come to the right place. You can read our review of the platform below.

About William Hill

The history of William Hill started a lot longer than many people think. In fact, the original company created by Mr. William Hill was founded all the way back in 1934. And this was done back in a time when sports betting was illegal. So, Mr. William hill had to be smarter than the system. What he did is use a loophole in the law that enabled him to take bets from the bettors in a fully legal way – and then pay them out. What cemented his reputation in the eyes of the 500,000 people that have used his services was his honesty – he always paid the winners out, fully. 

With the advancement online world of online sports betting – William Hill wasn’t wasting any time. We’re not talking about the company William Hill – as the original founder and owner, Mr. William Hill, had died back in 1973. And nowadays the brand maintains its stellar reputation. Its services are used by millions of people from all over the world.


There are many reasons why William Hill is one of the biggest names in online sports betting. And one of them is the fact that it offers some outstanding promotions, bonuses combined with some of the best odds. If you throw a quick glance at what the platform offers in the promotions tab, you will be pleasantly surprised. There are various cashback bonuses for the different sports and betting markets, there are enhanced odds and even free bets.

Betting markets

If you wanted to get the best betting experience and the best oddsthen look no further than William Hill. For one, there are dozens of different betting markets that you can place wagers on. European football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis, American football, and many, many other sports are available to bet on. As for the betting types – the seasoned sports bettor knows that at William Hill there are single bets, score-cast bets, over/under bets, accumulator bets, round robins, and many other forms of bets.

A classic offer from William Hill, and some of the best odds
A classic offer from William Hillhere

As for the game of European football (soccer), practically all of the biggest football championships in the world are covered. You won’t be at a loss to find an event that you will want to bet on.

Mobile betting

There is also, of course, a William Hill mobile betting service. What this means is that you can download the mobile application for Android or iOS and start placing bets on your mobile device and on the go – if you have access to the internet. There are even some special promotions for you if you decide to use the mobile app for betting.

 In conclusion

So, there you have it. You now know what William Hill is all about. We hope that you will have a grand time when placing your wagers at one of the biggest names in online sports betting – William Hill.

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