22bet is one of the newest online sports bookies that have graced the internet with their presence. That being said, since you’re reading this, it means that you want to learn more about what this platform is all about. And you are in the right place. We will provide you with all the information you need about 22bet. So, let’s get to it.

About 22bet

As we have mentioned before, 22bet is a relatively new online sports bookie. It was created back in 2017 in the country of Russia. The owner of this bookie is the company Marikit Holdings Ltd Casinos. Another important note here is that 22bet has valid licenses issued both by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the government of Curacao. Nowadays the services of this bookie are used in many different countries all throughout the world on their main site www.22bet.com and also on www.22bet.co.uk.


Now, one of the most important things about online sports bookies is the bonus offer. And most online sports bookies have caught up to the fact that they’re supposed to offer promotions to the players if they are to keep them. And 22bet is no exception to this. You can find out for yourself just which kinds of promotions are available on the platform easily. Just visit the “promotions” tab and you will find all you need. For the sake of reference, you will get a potentially significant (depending on how much you’re willing to deposit) first deposit bonus – and also a reload bonus if your next deposit happens to be on Friday. It’s pretty much a standard offer that many online sports bookies have and it’s a nice way to attract the new bettors.

22Bet, great bonuses await you - bet to win
22Bet, great bonuses await you – bet to win

Sports and betting markets

If you visit 22bet and decide to wager bets there – then you should know that you’re in good hands. The reason for this is there is a significant number of sports and betting markets that are available at all times. If you can think of a sport – then chances are that it’s available to bet on at 22bet. There’s European football (soccer), American football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and several other sports that you can bet on. As for the particular bet types that you can place – there are several of them, too, including round robins, score-cast bets, teasers, over/under, first scorers, and many others. It’s a haven for the new and seasoned sports bettors alike.


You can download the 22bet mobile application very quickly. And you can do so if you happen to own an Android or an iOS mobile device. Once you download and install the app, you will be able to start doing some mobile sports betting. There is even the opportunity to do live betting as the match unfolds. It’s a fun and quite necessary addition to the main betting platform on the website.


So, we have established the fact that 22bet deserves to be ranked among the very best online sports bookies not only when it comes to the sport of football, but also when it comes to all the other betting markets that are available on the platform. We hope that you will have a fun and profitable experience at 22bet yourself.

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7 Days with the 22Bet app

We took the time to test the 22Bet app for you and give you our insight on how this went. First, the 22Bet app will adapt to many languages, depending on the settings of your phone. Keep in mind that some of the things mentioned below, will be in your own languages in the app and not English. But this just makes your betting experience easier and better. 


As we were waiting for the app to download, we were looking forward to seeing if the platform expectation we had from the slick and easy to use web version also were to be found in the app. 

And yes, we were right. The app basically copied the interface from the web version. On the front page, you will be shown the currently most popular live and upcoming events, together with the accumulated bets of the day, slots and other casino games. The slots and casino games are for us not interesting, but if you also like to play these the app makes it easy to find. 

Choose, bet and wait - easy with 22Bet
Choose, bet and wait – easy with 22Bet

In the top left, you will find the navigator menu with everything you need. Account number, account balance, messages, popular, bet historic, live feature, results, streaming and much more. Everything is simple to find, which we like about this app. 

When you have found for your betting and need to decide on a betting market, the app will show you all it has. Under the game, it feels like you can keep scrolling down (it will stop at a point) with endless possibilities. The same feeling you will get from the bar right under the game when swiping left. At the top, you will have the game and via the bottom bar, you can change what you see there. General about the game, statistics, video, and Zone, the last two only available when the game is on. 

Placing the bet

When you do decide on your bet it is straight forward placing it. Press on the bet you want to play, and the box will pop up from below. Here you will see the game you are about to bet on in the top, the bet and its odds below. Then comes the deciding part. Place bet as a single bet by pressing “place a bet” or chose to add it under autobet, which allows you to place the bet when the odds are right for you and not before. If the odds never hit your desired odds, it will not be made, so that way you will only get the odds when the payout (if successful) will be what you want.

You might want to make you bet a part of a coupon with multiple bets. The same place just chose ad to coupon and move on to find the other bets needed to be added. 

Place a bet
Place a bet

If you still aren’t sure about the bet, you want to make you can choose to track the odds. It is like the autobet feature, without setting a fixed spot where you want the bet to be made. You watch list when then appear in the bottom, for you to be updated as time move on. 

Last, in this box, you can add a promotion code, if you have such at hand. 

Sign up bonus flow

You have seen the bonus and want it, as we all do. Who does not want extra money or free bets to play with? 

We didn’t use the app to put our welcome bonus into effect, as we decided to test the app later than our signup. But for the web platform getting the bonus is very simple. Doing your first deposit 22Bet will ask you to choose a bonus. Either for the sportsbook or casino. After adding funds, the chosen bonus will then be added to your account. 

22Bet has a special thing going with their bet points. These points you can later redeem in their upcoming shop or change them to cash to bet for. 

Payment Options

To get going you will, of course, need to get some money into your 22Bet account. Here they do not hold back and offer you plenty of ways to add funds to your account. The classics of MasterCard and Visa are available. A lot of E-Wallets such as the well-known Skrill, Vcreditos, JetonWallet and more are at your disposal. There is also the option to use payment systems such as Payeer and Neteller and different Net banks. 

Choose between the many ways to add funds and then place your bet
Choose between the many ways to add funds and then place your bet

The options are many and we have far from mentioned all of them. This can, of course, vary from country to country but in general, the amount of payment methods is impressive.

Payout method

Time to take home your winnings. You found the right betting market, the right odds and the right bet. 22bet allows you to withdraw your money in around the number of ways that you can add funds to your account and therefore you will have many options. 

Cash-out from many options
Cash-out from many options


“You have won” is always a nice message to get on your phone, when you know you have a betting going on. 22bet’s app will send you a push notification when you have won a bet. We didn’t experience getting any when a bet was lost. But who wants that anyway. In the settings, you will be able to turn these notifications on and off. 

Customer service

Doing our 7 days’ trial, we only had to make contact with customer service once. This wasn’t done through the app, as we could only find an email address in the app, but no live chat. 

But as for the customer service experience, this was a good one. Nothing out of this world, but that might also have something to do, with a very simple question that we put forward. So all in all fine and nothing to complain about. We will make sure to update this review if we later have more experience with their support department. 

But we are sure they can help you with everything from adding your bonus, adding funds, find your way around the app on the many betting markets and much more.


This step is an often missed one in the bettor’s eyes because you know, the focus is on the betting. We do like to have an app that makes sure we can do our betting a don’t have to worry. 

With 22Bet’s app, you can add a password, fingerprint, and 2FA (two-factor authentication). It is possible to have multiple on at once, but when having a password and fingerprint on, only one will be needed to log in. But overall good options to get a safe account. 

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