Betting Tips, Stats, Odds, News – The new BetBatch

BetBatch has been down… for quite a while! There might not even be many users left, remembering that the site even existed. Nevertheless, there is a plan to change this!

Throughout the coming weeks, BetBatch will be reborn and this with a clear vision: To be the go-to-website before placing a bet. Simply displaying tips from various websites is not enough – you as a bettor need the big picture. This includes much more than just the opinion of others. To place qualified bets, information from reliable sources is a must!

The plan is to communicate heavily throughout the journey, first of all to keep anybody interested up to speed. Secondly, to receive feedback and ideas from you!

A concept, centered around a mobile application, which can give users the information needed to make optimal decisions when placing a bet. We still want to include betting tips, but will include reliable news sources, statistics, odds movements, podcasts if you want to dig deeper – the sky is the limit.

Follow the development of the platform here or on social media.

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