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How does it work?

You have been told what BetBatch is and what we strive to provide for our users. Now it is time to tell you how you can use BetBatch in the best way regarding your betting. 

On our site, you will find information that will allow you to be a better and more informed tipster. See what the internet’s tipsters say about a certain game. We will link to every tip we collect, so you can check out what the person making the tip writes about the game, and by this be more informed when you make your decision. 

A quick look at the most important part of BetBatch

We collect hundreds of tips from across the internet every day and sort them into categories/markets/betting types for you to get and easy overview. You might often bet on the classic and most common betting types, but with BetBatch you will be able to see all sorts of betting types listed. This means you get input on various tips that concerns the game in question and get the reason for a certain tipster to believe in this particular tip. 

Every day is a new day

Our crawler will collect tips for you every day year-round. Should a day arrive and no games should be played we will collect tips on games for the next upcoming days, it is therefore always a great idea to have a look at our next matches page to see what is coming up. 

Do you have a certain league in mind, then please visit our League page, where you will be able to find the league you are searching for. If you do not find it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost best to get in on the site for you. 

Make your inner tipster a winner
Make your inner tipster a winner

On the front page, you will see various games, but one stands out at the top game. This game is not based on which game we think should be there or by anyway sponsored to be on top. This is determent by the number of tips collected. The game with the highest number of tips get this spot and will allow you to see the game in which our crawler has found the most tips on and therefor kind of the “game of the day” in the tipster world. 

Adding all the time

Time will tell they say and for sure it will here. As time move on BetBatch will move along. We have plans to improve the site significant with a live center, a personal page for you as the user to be able to choose favorite leagues, preferred betting type and more, together with the constant adding of tipster sites to give you tips from all over. 

It’s time to find you next bet

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