Win, Lose or Draw?

Let’s have a look at some of the most common betting markets.


This betting market is probably one of the most well-known and used. 1X2 refers to the three choices it is possible to make within this market. Three-way betting or match winner markets might be some other names used for this particular bet.

Straight forward 1X2 means choosing one out of three options on the game of your choice:

1 Home team to win
X Game will end in a draw
2 Away team to win

Almost every day you will be able to find a match which has the 1X2.

A great thing about the 1X2, other then it is on every single game worldwide, is the easiness of the bet. Wrapping your head around this bet is straight forward, with only three possible outcomes.

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But I have seen different ways of the same bet?

Many odds will often be shown in either the Fractional Odds (known as Traditional or British) or Decimal Odds (known as European). There is a third one called Moneyline Odds, but this is mostly used in the US. For this example, we will stick with the UK and EU odds.

Below we have made an example with both the British and European odds. Both have the same odds and a stake of 10. Then you can see how the different odds are shown.

Pick Odds type Stake Odds Return
Team 1 to win British 10 4/5 18
Team 1 to win European 10 1.80 18

Even though the odds have different looks you will leave with the same profit of 8 (in the currency you bet in).

Now you know how it works – look through the tips and find the odds for you!

It is all about the winning. Use the 1X2 market to bet on the winner.
It is all about the winning

Double chance

This one also works within the lines of win and draw. As the name says it’s a double chance, which means you will be given two chances, out of 1×2.

Double chance is as below:

Team 1 to win or draw
Team 2 to win or draw
Team 1 or Team 2 to win

As you see above, you must predict which two of the three outcomes will happen. Of course, only one of them can happen, but as you have double the chance, compared to playing 1X2 direct on one of them, this bet gives you a better statistic chance of getting it right.

This also means that your payback on a successful Double Chance is a bit lower than straight on 1X2.

Draw No Bet

No Bet? But you put money down so it is a bet, right?

Draw No Bet means you must pick one of two outcomes – home team or away team to win – and if the game ends in a draw, you get your money back.

Did you put your money on home team Draw No Bet your scenarios is as following:

Home team win You win and get paid
Away team win You lose
Draw You get your bet deposit back

And did you bet on the away team to win, with a draw no bet, the scenario is switched around for home and away team win.

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